Jasmine Property Services offer a reliable and affordable swimming pool cleaning service. Whether you are a resident or holiday home owner swimming pools require expert maintenance to keep them sparkling.
To ensure your pool looks great for your own use or that rental visitors get the most from your pool. We pride ourselves on our pricing structures that suit all budgets and requirements.
We are experience in pool and garden maintenance you can be assured that your pool is in good hands. Whether you are a looking for an all year cleaning service, a major clean to get rid of “green” pool or a more tailored service Jasmine Property Services are always flexible on our pool cleaning services. We use quality chemicals it help perfect clean pools and saving money. We have a chemical testing service, to be able to analyse exactly your pools PH and chlorine levels, ensuring your pool looks great and is safe to use.

Regular works for pool;
Vacuum and clean the pool daily
1-) Pool water test daily – will be test with independent company weekly
2-) Clean the Pool terrace and furniture daily
3-) Pool chemicals will be very good quality
4-) Pool Filter check and clean
5-) Check and maintain the pool pump
6-) Regular Pool lights check and make sure they work
Please contact us now to get information and get quotation. We can give quotation with or without chemicals cost.